E-REG and First Day Attendance


Prior to the start of each Fall and Spring semester, students are required to indicate their intent to attend classes through E-REG. Students are also required to attend the first class meeting of each course on their schedule. Failure to complete either one of these requirements could jeopardize a student's class schedule or financial aid.


Indicating your intent to attend classes through E-REG is very fast and simple: Go to MyEdinboro, log in, click on the E-REG icon and complete the brief instructions. You can access the E-REG site from anywhere with an internet connection.

E-REG opens when tuition bills are mailed and ends at midnight on the last day of the ADD period for each Fall and Spring semester.

First Day Attendance

All students in all classes must attend the first class meeting of each course on their schedule. It's imperative that you attend classes and that you make sure your instructor knows that you are present in class.

Instructors will take attendance and report daily to the Office of Records and Registration throughout the "ADD" period. Any student whose name is marked "non-attend" will be removed from the class list, freeing seats for other students during the "ADD" period.

Frequently Asked Questions

E-REG is required for each Fall and Spring semester. E-REG is not used for Summer or Winter sessions.

Because accurate enrollment and seat count information enables us to provide better service to our students, we need to know who will be attending each upcoming semester.

By using the data collected through E-REG and first day attendance records, we're able to open seats in full classes by dropping the schedules of students who aren't attending. Making unused class seats available, as early as possible when a semester begins, allows other students to schedule courses that may have previously been filled.

Additionally, attendance in all classes is important for a student's success, and the first class of a semester is particularly important as your professor will most likely give an overview of the course, distribute syllabi and exam/test dates and begin teaching the course material.

If you do not complete E-REG, it will be considered a factor, along with non-attendance reports from instructors, as to whether or not a schedule will be dropped. If you don't appear to be attending classes and haven't completed E-REG, your schedule may be dropped.

We recognize that students may have a legitimate reason for not being in class. In such a case, you should contact the professor via phone or email. If you cannot reach the professor, then please contact the Department Chair or Dean so that your name may be reported and not removed from the class.

Yes. You can't assume that the course will be dropped for you. You must make sure your schedule is correct by personally completing your own ADD or DROP transactions. If you have questions about how an ADD or DROP may affect your billing or financial aid, you may inquire at the Student Services Center in Hamilton Hall.


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