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Women are now the majority of the workforce for the first time in U.S. history. Most managers are now women, and three women will get a college degree this year for every two men who do the same.

It just makes sense that as women become more financially self-sufficient, they have more discretionary income to give back to organizations and nonprofits that will improve their communities.

Currently, 63 percent of Edinboro University students are women. It is the perfect time for Edinboro University to press forward with the work of The Women's Philanthropy Council.

Support the Women's Philanthropy Council

Women have an essential role in today's world, serving as leaders in their professions and communities. The Women's Philanthropy Council, through its financial and mentoring support, helps women develop leadership skills and achieve their professional and personal goals.
Rita Bean, Ph.D.,
Professor Emerita, University of Pittsburgh and Founding Member of WPC


The Women's Philanthropy Council is dedicated to furthering the role of women as leaders and active participants in Edinboro University and our community. The Council seeks to help shape the University's future and to support its mission through the engagement of women who are alumni, faculty, staff, retirees and friends.

Council Goals

The Council has a twofold fundraising goal:

  1. To establish a permanently restricted endowment - Edinboro Women's Scholarship Endowment - to provide financial awards to deserving female students
  2. To establish an annually restricted fund - Edinboro Women's Academic and Research Fund - that will annually award grants to faculty and students for:
    1. Research
    2. Travel/study abroad opportunities

I am so grateful to have been awarded a scholarship from the Women’s Philanthropy Council for my study abroad experience in Berlin, Germany. Most college students want to study abroad, and I am fortunate to be able to achieve that dream. The generosity of this organization will ensure that my study abroad experience will impact my German skills and allow me to grow.
Becki Leonard,
One of three recipients of the WPC study abroad scholarship

Benefits of Becoming a Member

In addition to fundraising, the Women's Philanthropy Council is committed to mentoring students and connecting them to current women business leaders through internships and leadership events on campus. As a member, you'll enjoy the benefit of helping your community and the next generation of women philanthropists.

Members of the Women's Philanthropy Council receive these additional benefits:

  1. Opportunity to assist with the planning for the annual Edinboro University Women's Leadership Day for students.
  2. Opportunities to serve as mentors for future generations of women philanthropists.
  3. Involvement on the planning of Women's History Month.
  4. Facebook page to post information about women's events, programs and accomplishments.
  5. Opportunities to interact with other council members at recruiting and social events.
  6. Electronic quarterly newsletters about events, faculty, staff and student scholarly activities, as well as information from the President. Communication with all members is important to the continued success of the program.
  7. For Founders, recognition on the Women's Philanthropy Council wall located in Reeder Hall, outside the President's Office.

Become a Member

The Edinboro University Women's Philanthropy Council is composed of alumni, faculty, staff and friends who are committed to be movers and shakers. Membership is open to women who are seeking opportunities to help future women leaders as well as to create a sense of personal accomplishment and fulfillment. By supporting one of the following giving levels, you will become part of a group of dynamic and extraordinary women. View our Giving Levels:

Make a minimum contribution of $25,000 payable over a five-year period. Members will meet twice a year and will serve as advisors to the President of the University. You may designate your gift to either the scholarship endowment or the restricted fund, or you may choose to split your gift between both funds. In addition, the donors in this circle will determine the disbursement of funds annually to Edinboro initiatives presented by faculty, staff and students that help to advance the status of women. Each term is renewable after five years. These members are recognized on the Women's Philanthropy Council Wall in Reeder Hall.

Make a contribution of at least $5,000 annually from your business. You may designate your gift to either the scholarship endowment or the restricted fund, or you may choose to split your gift between both funds. Annually, one corporate representative will be asked to serve on the President's Advisory Committee. This person will be selected by the President of the University.

Pledge a minimum of $1,000 per year for five years ($5,000 total pledge) and provide leadership for the governance of the organization. One Benefactor member will serve on the committee that will determine the disbursement of funds annually to Edinboro initiatives presented by faculty, staff and students that help to advance the status of women.

Give $250 annually, or if you are a GOLD alumni (graduate of the past decade), $100 annually. Associate Members commit to engage more actively with the University through their attendance at events and programs and to support the University with an annual gift. One Associate will serve on the committee that will determine the disbursement of funds annually to Edinboro initiatives presented by faculty, staff and students that help to advance the status of women.

Affiliate with the Women's Philanthropy Council while they are students. There is no fee to affiliate as a Mentee. These students serve on the Edinboro University President's Commission for the Status of Women Committee or are recommended by faculty from the Edinboro University Women's Studies Committee.

Join Now

Please print and mail this form, along with your check made out to Edinboro University to:

University Advancement
210 Meadville St.
Edinboro, PA 16444

Council Members

Dr. Rita S. Bean - '63 Professor Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh School of Education's Department of Instruction and Learning

Allyn L. Berger - '68 Retired special education teacher, Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Mary Jo "MJ" Campbell Professor Emeritus, Elementary Education, Edinboro University

Julie A. Chacona Director of Special Initiatives, Major Gifts and Grants, Edinboro University

Dr. Amy Cuzzola-Kern Co-Founder/Owner, Frankie and May Fresh Grocer, Erie, PA

Kathleen Dahlkemper - '82 Erie County Executive and former U.S. Congresswoman

Pat Davis Councilwoman, Borough of Edinboro;
Retired faculty, Health and Physical Education, Edinboro University

Donna E. Douglass - '72
Past interim director, StARTUp Incubator;
Retired director of donor giving, Erie Community Foundation;
Vice President and Chair of Development Committee, Edinboro University Foundation

Dr. Jerra L. Jenrette
Chairperson, History, Anthropology and World Languages Department, Edinboro University

Mary Jane Kidd
Professor Emeritus, Art Department, Edinboro University

Laura Leete - '72
Retired teacher, West Jefferson Hills School District

Cynthia Lillis
Marketing Specialist, Saint Vincent Hospital, Erie, PA

Colleen Moore-Mezler
President and CEO, Moore Research, Erie, PA

Deborah W. Murphy
Senior Vice President Wealth Management, The Murphy Advisory Group/UBS, Erie, PA

Donna L. Nicholas
Professor Emeritus, Art Department, Edinboro University

Coleen Panko
Special Events Coordinator, President's Office, Edinboro University

Peggy N. Richardson - '68, '73
Retired music teacher, Millcreek School District;
Former director, Erie Junior Philharmonic

Dr. Nancy S. Rung - '70, '84 Retired owner and president, Dr. Nancy Rung Podiatrist, Inc.

Ann Scott
Vice President, Community Outreach, Erie Insurance Group

Dr. Sarah Tambucci - '68
Director, Arts Education Collaborative, Pittsburgh, PA

Did you know?

According to the statistics regarding women in the workforce, collected by the U.S. Department of Labor in 2010:

2011 Workforce
In 2011, for the first time in American history, the balance of the workforce tipped toward women, who now hold a majority of the nation's jobs. Despite that, only 42 women are CEOs in Fortune 1000 companies in the United States.

Women make up more than half of the United States population, yet in the U.S. Congress, only 18% of seats are held by women.

The Pay Gap
According to a recent study by AAUW, the wage gap between recent male and female college graduates with identical degrees and competencies still favors men - with a difference of about $8,000.

Edinboro University Student Ratio
Colleges and universities across the country are experiencing a higher increase in women students than men. In fact, at Edinboro University the student ratio is 62% female and 38% male.

The United States ranks 69th among countries with the highest percentage of women in government. Countries with a higher percentage of women include Uganda, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Paid Maternal Leave: Almost Everywhere
The U.S. is one of eight countries, out of 188 that have known policies, without paid leave.

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