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PennWest Edinboro is proud to offer a Master’s in Reading Degree with a Concentration in Dyslexia Interventions. As you work to attain this degree, you will learn innovative techniques as well as research- and evidence-based dyslexia interventions for reading that will assist students with learning differences.



Approximately one in five children are affected by dyslexia around the world today. There is a growing need for educators who can provide effective literacy skills for both children and adults.

Why Edinboro Stands Out.

Edinboro offers one of the only Dyslexia Interventions programs in Pennsylvania.

Our strong legacy in the field of education translates to a philosophy of excellence and a commitment to developing teachers who understand the professional, social and ethical responsibilities associated with working with children.

Through this 30-credit program, you will learn a variety of research-based interventions and instructional skills and strategies for helping students with dyslexia.

If you are a certified teacher, an M.Ed. in Reading with a concentration in Dyslexia Interventions can also lead to a certification as a reading specialist after passing the PRAXIS II examination.

Anyone educating children or adults today recognizes the increasing need for expert reading interventions. Our Dyslexia Interventions Program emphasizes instruction in multisensory-structured language approaches to enable our candidates in meeting the needs of students with dyslexia.

Dr. Karen K. Tyler,
Program Head

How Edinboro Supports You.

Under the guidance of expert Edinboro faculty, you will become familiar with foundational language and literacy concepts as well as structured language teaching.

You'll learn how to use innovative, personalized educational approaches to serve diverse learners. And you'll be ready to address the factors that contribute to differences in how all children and adults learn to read.

Upon graduation, you will have the enhanced skills and knowledge necessary for your role as a teacher, clinician, speech or language pathologist, educational psychologist, tutor, reading specialist or informed parent.

Committed To Excellence

PennWest Edinboro offers you many opportunities to develop and grow as a professional.

Practical Experience

To prepare you for your work with dyslexic children, you will complete 60 hours of field experience as part of your coursework. This will consist of 30 hours of one-on-one multi-sensory structured language instruction with a client in each of your final two semesters.

Questions About This Program?

Dr. Karen K. Tyler
Program Head
325 Butterfield Hall
Email: ktyler@pennwest.edu
Phone: 814-732-2303

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