Study Abroad


Your college experience starts at Edinboro and can lead almost anywhere in the world. There are many opportunities at Edinboro that can take you on an adventure that is both exciting and educational.

For Those Who Are Adventurers

Edinboro students who have studied abroad gain a cross-cultural perspective on their fields.

It opened the door to the world for me…. I learned so much about the people we met, my fellow students and myself. You don't start learning until you start moving, and this trip gave my life the motion I needed.

Hannah McDonald,
Edinboro student who studied abroad in Belize

Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

Edinboro's programs last for two to five weeks, and you may also be eligible for a scholarship. See where our students have lived and learned, and don't be surprised to see Scotland on the list.

Where We'll Go Next

We change our nations, topics and related course credits from year to year. In 2022, we're going to Japan, Greece, Scotland, and more!

Semester- or Year-Long Study Abroad Programs

If you are interested in a semester or year experience, the Global Education Office can connect you with the right program.

Start the Process

Ready to study abroad? Visit the Global Education Office in person, or go to our webpage within the myEdinboro portal, and we'll help you with both short-term and longer-term options.

Questions About Studying Abroad?

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