Courses with Fees


These courses are the ones which may be assessed for fees based on the clinical, practicum/internship, and/or laboratory nature of STEM-H programs, which significantly increases the cost of delivering high-quality student learning experiences.


BIOL150 Principles of Biology

BIOL312 Human Physiology & Anatomy I

BIOL313 Human Physiology & Anatomy II

BIOL230 Botany

BIOL240 Zoology

BIOL300 Genetics

BIOL302 Histology

BIOL305 Cell & Molecular Biology

BIOL308 Microbiology

BIOL318 Clinical Microbiology

BIOL320 Plant Physiology

BIOL340 Animal Physiology

BIOL341 Vertebrate Anatomy

BIOL342 Animal Behavior

BIOL343 Human Factors Analysis

BIOL400 Ecology

BIOL403 Organic Evolution

BIOL409 Molecular Biology & Genomics

BIOL442 Ornithology

BIOL447 Field Zoology & Systematics

BIOL451 Parasitology

BIOL457 Biology Study Design & Data Analysis

BIOL481 Fish Ecology

BIOL482 Behavioral Ecology

BIOL520 Plant Anatomy

BIOL522 Mycology

BIOL523 Algology

BIOL543 Embryology

BIOL555 Mammalian Reproductive Physiology

CHEM120 Chemistry in the Modern World

CHEM140 General Chemistry

CHEM141 Bio-organic Chemistry

CHEM240 Principles of Chemistry I

CHEM241 Principles of Chemistry II

CHEM301 General Organic Chemistry

CHEM302 General Biochemistry

CHEM310 Quantitative Analysis

CHEM330 Organic Chemistry I

CHEM331 Organic Chemistry II

CHEM341 Biochemistry

CHEM450 Instrumental Analysis

CHEM460 Forensic Analysis

CHEM530 Physical Chemistry I

CHEM531 Physical Chemistry II

CHEM535 Advanced Chemistry Laboratory I

GEOG411 Spatial Analysis

GEOG413 Geographic Information Systems

GEOG414 Remote Sensing

GEOG420 GIS Applications in Business & Planning

GEOG513 Geographic Information Systems II: GIS Modeling

GEOS311 Mineralogy

GEOS320 Meteorology I

GEOS321 Meteorology II

GEOS395 Internship in Earth Sciences

GEOS505 Soil Geomorphology

GEOS507 Quaternary Geology

GEOS510 Introduction to Geophysics

GEOS513 Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology

GEOS521 Stratigraphy & Sedimentation

GEOS523 Invertebrate Paleontology

GEOS525 Field Studies in Geosciences

GEOS531 Structural Geology

GEOS541 Geomorphology

GEOS545 Introduction to Hydrogeology

GEOS547 Introduction to Glacial Geology

CSCI123 Introduction to Website Development

CSCI130 Principles of Programming I

CSCI207 Programming in Visual Basic

CSCI230 Principles of Programming II

CSCI280 Principles of PC Desktop System Operation & Admin

CSCI310 Script & Systems Programming

CSCI323 Website Development

CSCI325 Web Server Administration

CSCI330 Object-Oriented Programming

CSCI340 Game Programming

CSCI423 Web Application Engineering

CSCI425 Network System Operation & Admin

CSCI440 Introduction to Game Design/Development

CSCI480 Computer Science Seminar

CSCI485 Senior Project in Game Development

PHYS101 Physical Science

PHYS201 Physics I

PHYS202 Physics II

PHYS316 Circuits Analysis

PHYS320 University Physics I

PHYS321 University Physics II

PHYS322 Physical Measurements Laboratory I

PHYS323 Physical Measurements Laboratory II

PHYS405 Modern Physics Laboratory I

PHYS472 The Sun

ENGR201 Engineering Graphics & Design

MFGT100 Manufacturing Processes

MFGT105 Engineering Materials

MFGT302 Computer Aided Drafting I

MFGT306 Strength of Materials Laboratory

MFGT309 Mold Design I

MFGT310 Advanced Mold Design

MFGT311 Rapid Prototyping

MFGT405 Introduction to Robotics

PSYC226 Psychological Statistics Discussion

PSYC227 Experimental Psychology

PSYC380 Lab in Animal Learning

PSYC405 Lab in Cognitive Psychology

PSYC427 Applied Psychology Lab

PSYC430 Lab in Social Psychology

PSYC440 Lab in Behavioral Intervention 

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