Fighting Scot Statue

Fighting Scot Statue


In September 2010, the Edinboro University Alumni Association gifted this magnificent bronze statue to Edinboro’s past, current and future students as a representation of the University’s beloved mascot. It was funded through sales of bricks and pavers, which are placed around the entire complex.

If you'd like your name or a loved one’s name engraved permanently on campus as part of this iconic figure, pavers can still be bought and placed in the complex. To place an order, fill out this brick and paver form and submit it to the Office of Alumni Relations. Up to 13 characters per line and up to three lines can be placed on the pavers.

Finding Your Brick

Those who have already donated toward this historical project and the Fighting Scot statue can find an alphabetical listing to learn the number associated with their bricks here and pavers here.

Upon learning the number of your brick or paver, you can find its location by clicking brick locations or paver locations.



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