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Dr. Scott E. Miller, Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, has more than 20 years higher education experience in teaching and research, as well as over 15 years in higher education administration at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Welcome to the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Programs in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences prepare students for a broad variety of careers. This includes meaningful opportunities for job placement after graduation as well as successful pursuit of a graduate or professional degree in various disciplines. Employers are extremely interested in the skills that students in the arts, humanities and social sciences bring to the workforce. These include the ability to think creatively, be proactive and have a broad perspective on issues.

Regardless of your major, our College focuses on disciplines and content that is critical to every college student. The skills taught by our talented faculty are central to the development of the human being and your ability to create, problem-solve and think critically. It is the courses taught in these areas that set your degree apart from others – it expands the knowledge of your discipline and allows you to be a global thinker.

The faculty in the College bring a broad range of experience to the classroom. While they may teach in a discipline that is historically a humanity, they bring professional experience and background that broadens their perspective and strengthens your educational experience.

We stand ready to work with you as your continue your educational journey and explore your intellectual voyage to help you shape the individual you want to be, balanced with the individual society needs of you.

Go Boro!

Dr. Scott E. Miller, Dean


Meet the Dean

Scott Miller

Dr. Miller has served in the Dean’s Office of the Edinboro’s ACBSP-accredited School of Business since 2012. He previously served as Chair of the Department of Business and Economics and also filled in as the Acting Director of Admissions in 2013–2014. Prior to joining the Edinboro family, Dr. Miller served in various capacities, teaching advanced accounting topics and business law at the undergraduate and graduate level including accounting program director, director of graduate programs and associate director of the School of Business at his prior institution.

In April 2014, Dr. Miller was honored by the American Association of University Administrators with the Robert W. MacVittie Emerging Leader Award, which recognizes individuals with outstanding potential for higher education leadership.

Dr. Miller has more than 15 years of administrative experience in higher education, complemented by more than 30 years of professional business experience advising individuals and businesses in various economic matters, including taxation, complex mergers and acquisitions, real estate and estate planning, and probate, representing clients throughout the United States in transactions on three continents.

To continue to bring real-world experience to the School’s programs, Dr. Miller remains active in the legal and accounting profession as an attorney. Dr. Miller has given presentations throughout the country to professional and nonprofit organizations on accounting, legal and organizational efficiency issues. He is also frequently asked to conduct financial planning seminars to members of nonprofit organizations who face chronic financial barriers. Dr. Miller is a licensed certified public accountant (CPA) in Pennsylvania, holds a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation, and is a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania and Ohio with additional bar admissions to the U.S. Tax Court, Federal District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, and U.S. Supreme Court. Additionally, Dr. Miller has served in leadership positions on numerous regional, state and national boards for nonprofit and governmental entities.

Dr. Miller continues to maintain a scholarly agenda and has presented academic papers throughout the United States and at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. In addition, he has published peer-reviewed articles in U.S. and international journals. He is an invited lecturer in the doctoral program at Anderson University, where he serves on and chairs dissertation committees for doctoral students. His research interests are primarily in corporate governance. Dr. Miller’s research has also focused on the financial crises in the United States, accounting ethics and taxation.

Dr. Miller holds a bachelor of science degree in accounting, summa cum laude, from Gannon University in Erie, Pa., a Juris Doctor from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in Pittsburgh, Pa., and a Doctor of Business Administration in accounting from Anderson University in Anderson, Ind. He is also a graduate of the Institute for Management and Leadership in Education program at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass.

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