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Graduate student clubs and organizations provide countless ways to participate, influence change, network, build scholarship and research, develop leadership and explore professional opportunities at PennWest Edinboro.

Graduate Student Council

All graduate students are invited to participate in Graduate Student Council (GSC), a place to share ideas and concerns related to the needs of Graduate Students at The Boro. We see ourselves as the voice of the graduate student body, and we partner ourselves with the Graduate School administration to ensure that all graduate students experience academic and professional growth to their fullest potential.

The Council organizes programs including Graduate Hour, guest speakers and other special events. Graduate Hour is a monthly event that invites you to engage in professional development opportunities and socialize with students from all disciplines.

Any graduate student is welcome to attend meetings or join the Council at any time. We seek a diverse representation from all programs.

This year, GSC plans to host its usual Grad Hour event each semester in addition to volunteering/charity efforts. Meetings will follow an every-other Tuesday format as follows:

All GSC meetings will be held in Butterfield Hall, Room 111 at 4 p.m.

Graduate Professional Development Program (GPDP)

The Graduate Professional Development Program is operated by graduate students for other graduate students. GPDP allows for graduate students pursuing professional development opportunities, such as conferences, residencies and presentations, to offset the costs of travel, lodging, meal costs and registration. GPDP also is committed to helping graduate students engage in networking, scholarship, research and other academic pursuits.

GPDP will be splitting up its $15,000 allocation between the fall and spring semesters. All materials must be submitted to the Dean's Office in Butterfield Hall, Suite 140.

GPDP Guidelines


Alpha Epsilon Lambda

Alpha Epsilon Lambda (AEL) is the most selective national honor society exclusively for Graduate and Professional School Students.

The mission of Alpha Epsilon Lambda is to: confer distinction for high achievement; promote leadership development; promote scholarship and encourage intellectual development; enrich the intellectual environment of graduate education institutions; and to encourage high standards of ethical behavior.

The Alpha Nu chapter of Alpha Epsilon Lambda was chartered in June, 2004. Applications for admission are available in the School of Graduate Studies.

Alpha Epsilon Lambda application is by invitation only; students qualifying for application will be notified via email. Minimum requirements for membership in Alpha Epsilon Lambda include: 1) completion of at least 12 credit-hours as a degree-seeking student in a graduate program, 2) a grade point average placing the student in the top 35% of campus graduate students, which is a 3.60 at Edinboro and 3) a record of leadership and service to graduate students or graduate student organizations.

If you meet the requirements and are interested in applying, please complete this application and seek a recommendation from your program head/major professor.

If you are an online student, please complete this application and email it to your graduate program head/major professor for their recommendation. Completed applications should be sent to:

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