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Business and Economics

To ensure students are well prepared for professional work, PennWest Edinboro offers Business and Economics internships in a variety of fields. This kind of experiential learning complements formal classroom learning and helps students to make important career decisions.


Providing excellent internship opportunities is a priority at PennWest Edinboro, and the stories of student success in the workplace have been overwhelming.

Edinboro Business and Economics students have interned at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Defense Finance Administration, Great Lakes Case and Cabinet, Erie Redevelopment Authority, Internal Revenue Service, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Bethesda Children’s Home, Summit Financial Advisors, Vanguard and many other businesses and organizations.

Many students elect to pursue an internship to augment their educational portfolio, for credit or not-for-credit. Every major has one or more designated internship directors to assist students with identifying opportunities and coordinating credits.

Students who are interested in internship experiences are encouraged to contact the Business and Economics Department internship coordinator, or visit the Center for Career Development’s internship webpages for more information.

Business and Economics Department Internship Coordinator:

Dr. Michael Engdahl
215A Hendricks Hall
Phone: 814-732-2412

Placement Rates

All programs in the School of Business, including Accounting, Comprehensive Business Administration, Financial Services, Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination, Marketing and Economics, have had a 100% placement rate of all respondents who graduated since Fall 2012.


Accountants, economic advisers, legal professionals, leaders in business, finance, education and many other fields have built the foundations of their success at PennWest Edinboro, and so can you.

The Boro Center for Career Development assists students at the outset of their professional lives with many outstanding services, including building a resume, interviewing and networking skills, and offering numerous job fair opportunities annually both on and off campus.

Alumni from the Department of Business and Economics have gone on to succeed in thrilling careers in their field of study. Check out the career achievements of some of the Department’s notable alumni below.

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Business and Economics
215A Hendricks Hall
235 Scotland Road
Edinboro, PA 16444

Michael Engdahl, JD
Department Chair
215A Hendricks Hall
Phone: 814-732-2412