Welcome to the Edinboro Family

In the spirit of togetherness and friendly competition, PennWest Edinboro welcomes you to BoroBrood, a unique campus experience that builds togetherness and school spirit through friendly competitions, special programs and events. In Scottish, “brood” means "kin" or "family," and that's exactly what you’ll find at Edinboro. We are a caring community of students, faculty, staff and alumni who are thrilled to welcome new students into the Fighting Scot family each semester.

Each Edinboro residence hall is the home of a Scottish-themed family, such as the MacDonald House, and is identified by a color and special coat of arms. All students residing in that building become members of that brood and will enjoy opportunities to compete in a variety of challenges throughout each semester, including:

  • Academic GPA competition
  • eSports gaming competitions
  • Regatta on Mallory Lake
  • “Pack the Pogue” on Friday nights
  • And more

Broods will win prizes including a prestigious trophy to be presented each semester to the brood with the highest cumulative GPA.

Beyond the friendly competitions, the BoroBrood program brings important University support services into each residence hall, providing a high level of personal attention to ensure student success. Services include:

  • Academic success coordinator
  • Professors and athletic coaches
  • Residential advisors
  • Alumni mentors
  • And more

When you sign up to live on campus, you will automatically become part of the brood associated with your residence hall. When you move into your building, you’ll be given a t-shirt designed with your coat of arms and color of your brood. Wear it proudly and let the games begin!


Of course! The purpose of BoroBrood is for all Fighting Scots to join together in the spirit of friendly competition, no matter where you live. We are all one big brood! If you don’t plan to reside on campus, information will be sent to you prior to each semester about how you can get involved.

Stay connected to BoroBrood updates on Instagram and Twitter, or contact Head Soccer Coach Gary Kagiavas with any questions at


Campbell House


Campbell House
Residence Hall: Highlands 1
Nickname: The Highlanders
Color: Red
Faculty Advisor: Erik Bentsen |



MacKenzie House


MacKenzie House
Residence Hall: Highlands 2
Nickname: The Sorcerers
Color: Royal Blue
Faculty Advisor: Sam Claster |



Stewart House


Stewart House
Residence Hall: Highlands 3
Nickname: The Providers
Color: Gold
Faculty Advisor: Irene Fiala |



MacDonald House


MacDonald House
Residence Hall: Highlands 4
Nickname: The Druids
Color: Purple
Faculty Advisor: Kristin Webber |



Bruce House


Bruce House
Residence Hall: Highlands 5
Nickname: The Royals
Color: Orange
Faculty Advisor: Katherine Robbins |



Wallace House


Wallace House
Residence Hall: Highlands 6
Nickname: The Warriors
Color: Green
Faculty Advisor: Jim Wertz |



Duncan House


Duncan House
Residence Hall: Lawrence Towers
Nickname: The Leaders
Color: Black
Faculty Advisor: Gary Kagiavas |





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McComb Fieldhouse
405 Scotland Road
Edinboro, PA 16444
Phone: 814-732-1876