Honors College Living/Learning Floor


Edinboro's Honors College Living-Learning Floor allows students to interact with faculty and like-minded peers in a vibrant residential environment that promotes student success.

Benefits of an Honors Living-Learning Floor.

Imagine being surrounded by others who share your passion for learning and your commitment to making your college experience the best it can be. That's what you'll find on the Honors Living-Learning Floor. The Honors Floor makes it easy for you to become friends with other high-achieving students in all majors and benefit from each other's strengths and academic experiences.

Living-learning residence hall floors have been part of PennWest Edinboro for over a decade. In addition to giving you the opportunity to live on the same floor with others who share the same major, field of study or interest area, the Honors Floor lets you interact with faculty and staff outside of the classroom through programs, activities and events and share their strong commitment to the living-learning experience.

Still not convinced? It's a fact that students who participate tend to remain at the University and achieve higher grades than those who do not take advantage of this opportunity.

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Honors College
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Dr. Lenore Barbian
Associate Director
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Phone: 814-732-2981