Honors College Requirements


To take advantage of the many advantages of the Honors College at Edinboro, students are required to complete the requirements of the program.

Honors Option Points

Honors College students are required to complete a total of 14 Honors Option Points (HOPs). This point system is designed to give students the freedom to excel both academically and professionally. There are several ways to earn these points, such as: 

Honors Courses

Students may enroll in Honors sections of selected courses. Beginning in the Fall of 2020, Students will enroll in a unique Honors-only seminar.

Contract Courses

Contract courses allow students to earn HOPs for courses that are not honors courses. Students complete a 20-page research paper, or a project of equal value, under the supervision and guidance of their professor. 

International and National Study Experiences

Students are able to study abroad or nationally for a semester or a full year. 

Conference Presentations

This option gives students the opportunity to present their research or creative activity at a regional or national conference. 

Publication of Research

Students can earn HOPs for having work published in either an undergraduate or professional journal. 

Research Project/Thesis

Students can carry out research or experience writing a thesis under the direction of a faculty mentor to earn HOPs. 

Major/Minor Options

Students can complete more than one major or degree, a minor, or study of a foreign language. 

500 Level Courses and Above

Taking upper-level undergraduate classes provides an exciting challenge for students who desire to learn beyond the requirements of the undergraduate program. 

Attend the All-Honors Meeting and one Enrichment Meeting each semester

Several times a semester, the Honors Office staff organize Enrichment Meetings and informal enjoyable education sessions of a variety of interesting topics.

The All-Honors Meeting is held at the beginning of each semester. Its purpose is to welcome Honors students back to campus, inform them about recent developments in the Honors College, and inspire them to high achieveur in the months ahead. Attendance at the All-Honors Meeting is mandatory.

Enrichment Meetings provide a fun social atmosphere to meet new people. Students are required to attend at least one Enrichment Meeting each semester.

Service Learning

Students are required to complete ten (10) hours per semester of service learning activities. This requirement results in twenty (20) hours of service learning hours for the academic year. Upon completion of each activity, students are required to document the activity and provide a narrative connecting the service activity to academic theories and/or perspectives and turn in the requisite forms to the Honors College Office for approval. 

Attend an educational event on campus

The University offers many programs on campus to provide students with new educational and social opportunities. To help students take full advantage of the resources, faculty and events offered on campus, Honors College students must attend one educational event on campus per semester and document it.

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