Curriculum Sheet

A focus in Gerontology (aging studies) is being offered at PennWest Edinboro. Students interested in a program of study in Gerontology or in understanding the processes of aging will find a broad spectrum of course work at Edinboro and field experience available with many agencies in northwestern Pennsylvania who work with adult and older adult populations.

 There is presently a national shortage of individuals equipped to work with geriatric and gerontology programs and surprisingly few colleges and universities are attempting to meet this need.

 Students desiring to complete the Gerontology Focus and have it recorded on the official university transcript should contact Dr. Joyce Jagielo in the Psychology Department. An advisor will be appointed in the student’s area of concentration and a program of study will be developed which will be sent to the committee on the Gerontology Focus for review and approval.

Curriculum Sheet

Given the many different sub-fields within Psychology and the many ways it can relate to other disciplines, the minor in Psychology is very flexible and enables students to choose the Psychology courses that best match their personal and career interests.  

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