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          Student Teaching

          In the last year of enrollment in an Edinboro University School of Education program, students must apply the skills and knowledge accumulated over the curriculum to a real-life classroom as they work alongside a professional in their field. This allows students to experience situations a teacher would normally encounter.

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          In the last year of a student’s chosen program in the School of Education at Edinboro University, he/she will apply the knowledge and experience gathered over the curriculum by working alongside a professional educator in a local school district. Student teaching is an exciting requirement of both Edinboro University and the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to graduate and receive certification. Applications for student teaching are available in the Office of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships and on the Student Teachers’ page. 

          Student teaching is a full-time activity in which students experience most of what a classroom teacher might encounter. Students are expected to devote their energies full-time to this part of their curriculum. Careful planning is necessary for students during the first three years of their college career in order to complete the program on schedule. Student teaching should be scheduled during the student’s senior year. Please review the Guidebook below. Students can either fill out the Acknowledgement found on the last page of the Guidebook or complete the online version linked below.

          Student Teaching Guidebook 2020-21

          Online Student Teaching Guidebook Acknowledgement

          University Policy and Expectations

          The University reserves the right to assign any teacher candidate to schools in the service area according to the best interest of the student, the University, the school, and the program. All assignments are made at off-campus locations. Teacher candidates are responsible for living expenses and transportation to the school(s) at which they are assigned. The appropriate forms must be completed and submitted the School of Education in Butterfield 140.


          The student has the right to choose to be graded on either a pass/fail basis or with a letter grade. Additional academic work may not be scheduled while completing a student teaching assignment unless approved by the director of student teaching. Candidates are not permitted to work full-time during the student teaching semester, and doing so is grounds for termination of the student teaching assignment. Part-time work is permitted, but if it interferes with the student teaching, the candidate may be withdrawn from the assignment at the discretion of the director of student teaching.


          To be eligible for student teaching, a candidate must:

          1. Maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.80
          2. Complete at least 96 semester hours of undergraduate credit
          3. Registered, attempted or passed all Praxis, PAPA, or PECT tests required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for certification in the candidate’s subject area. 
          4. Completed with a C or better all professional education courses required within the individual’s curriculum including the Stage 3 Field Experience. 
          5. Completed with a grade of C or better, the course SEDU183, ARED383, or HPE384 (a computer technology course specifically designed for education)
          6. Renewed all required clearances and ensure that they are valid until the last day of student teaching.

          Once all of these requirements are met and the appropriate forms are submitted to the School of Education Office in Butterfield 140, your application will be reviewed.