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Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides counseling and referral services, educational programs, and support groups for students and consultation to the faculty and staff of PennWest Edinboro.


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides a range of services to eligible students on a short-term basis. Currently enrolled students who have paid the Health Center fee may receive CAPS services without additional charge. The services are intended to facilitate intellectual and personal growth by helping students resolve concerns that may interfere with academic progress, social development and satisfaction at PennWest Edinboro. Students may encounter a variety of concerns while attending college, such as relationship difficulties with friends, roommates, family members or romantic partners; stress, anxiety or nervousness; lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem; depression; eating disorders; sexual violence; impaired academic functioning; and uncertainties about personal values and beliefs. Individual counseling is most commonly provided to address such concerns.

The faculty consists of psychologists and licensed mental health professionals who provide counseling for personal, social and emotional concerns, as well as brief psychotherapy, crisis intervention, group programs, personal development opportunities, prevention and outreach services, psychological assessment and referrals. Consultation services are provided for the entire University community.

Educational Programs

Each semester, different psycho-educational programs may be offered to enhance student development. Some topics previously presented include: Effective Communication Skills, Breaking Up: How to Cope, Date Rape Awareness/Risk Reduction and Cultural Diversity. Multi-session workshops on topics such as assertiveness training and anger management are also offered periodically. We welcome requests to present on a topic of interest to student groups and organizations.

Support Groups

Support and psychotherapy groups are designed for students with common concerns to help one another by sharing information and experiences. Previous groups have focused on building self-esteem, eating concerns, and issues related to interpersonal relationships and communication.

Groups are facilitated by CAPS' psychologists and mental health professionals. A commitment to regular attendance by participants is encouraged. Contact CAPS for more information about available groups.

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