New Student Housing Application


New Fall 2023 Freshmen Housing 

Sign-up for Housing

  1. Log into the portal and find the Housing Portal under quick links.
  2. Complete the application along with the $100 application fee.

Click here for instructions

You will have the option to put in a specific roommate or search for someone who is compatible.  If you choose to search for a roommate, you can take time to talk to them and decide if you will be a good match prior to confirming the request.

This will be done as a lottery with your position determined by the date and time of application submission. Students will be able to select any room available even if they do not have a roommate to fill the space.  Understand, we will be consolidating and matching students so your room number may change throughout the months leading up to opening.  Always refer back to your PennWest portal for your current housing assignment as it may change if your room is not filled. 

If you want a select room style and it is not available, please complete the waitlist that is in this portal.  Room styles are limited, and we will try to meet your preference, but be sure to select another space in case that preferred style does not become available. 

Additional Information about our current housing offerings is below.  Please, contact Residence Life and Housing if you have any questions.  The office can be reached at or by calling 814-732-2818.