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Supporting Teaching and Learning at Edinboro

The faculty is the core of what makes Edinboro a leader for advanced learning and a place where student lives are transformed. The Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) is designed to further advance our faculty by providing opportunities to develop teaching and pedagogic skills, become master academic advisers, and grow as scholars. It is my hope that all members of the faculty will take advantage of the support and services provided by the CFE to improve their professional satisfaction and strive to make Edinboro a first choice for excellence in higher education.
Dr. Michael Hannan,
Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs


The Center for Faculty Excellence is an initiative of the Office of the Provost and provides support to enrich learning and teaching at PennWest Edinboro. The Center collaborates with faculty and staff from across the university to provide campus-wide professional development. The CFE strives to promote a University culture which values teaching, respects and supports individual differences among learners, and encourages the creation of learning environments in which all students can excel.


In support of the University mission, the Center for Faculty Excellence provides professional development and mentorship to promote faculty excellence in teaching and pedagogical development, scholarship and creative activities, and student engagement.


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