The Facilities Office at PennWest Edinboro provides a variety of maintenance services to the campus community, which support the University’s mission, programs and goals.

The department oversees minor repairs, construction requests, work order requests, event setups, office moves and many other campus support services that help maintain an exceptional physical environment, which promotes learning.

 Provide safe, clean, sustainable and comfortable living and learning environments to support the University's mission and strategic goals.


Provide grounds maintenance, building maintenance, custodial maintenance, event support, receiving, mail services, construction and space planning services to operate, maintain and improve the University's infrastructure and Facilities while fostering a team environment that establishes and empowers each individual's purpose, contribution and worth.


Routinely keeping spaces, structures and infrastructure functioning as originally purposed using reactive, routine and predictive maintenance methods and techniques to prevent degradation and/or failure and extend their effective service life. Maintenance also includes repair and replacements of components and systems not requiring engineering, other professional services or regulatory compliance. Maintenance does not include end of life replacement, redesign, or change in space or space classification.

  • Additionally, maintenance includes routine custodial services and event support during normal business hours (6am - 2pm).
  • Funding: Annual operating budgets
  • Department Contact: Michael Hannah, Manager of Building and Grounds Maintenance
    Judy Miller, Manager of Office and General Services (includes Custodial & Event Support)
  • Maintenance Requests: School Dude Work Order
    • Example of Requests: water leaks, light bulb replacements, room temperature adjustments, safety hazards, damage to facilities, plumbing fixture repairs, lighting and electric outlet repairs, door hardware repairs, flooring and wall repairs, custodial services, etc.


Work outside of routine maintenance (defined above) that does not include a change in space utilization or space classification, require professional services, permitting or inspection. This includes but is not limited to; event support after business hours (6am - 2pm), moving and furniture installation, limited power and lighting installations, non-common area painting and flooring outside of planned maintenance cycle. Also includes minor upgrades to address academic programming needs that do not include change in egress, reconfigure of wall, doors or openings. Reference Fee Schedule.

  • Funding: Services are performed on a charge back basis for actual charges incurred
  • Department Contact: Michael Hannah, Manager of Building and Grounds Maintenance
    Judy Miller, Manager of Office and General Services
  • Service Request: School Dude Work Order
    • Examples of Requests: new office flooring, new office painting, furniture assembly, wall hangings, event set-up and tear down, event cleaning, relocation services, addition of electrical outlets or lighting, bulk mailing services, etc.


Any activity that includes construction, renovation or changes the function, use or occupancy of physical space, or eliminate/relocation services, utilities, architectural components or affects regulatory compliance. Projects originate from the need to create, expand or alter a space due to program growth, changes in university methods or program delivery, advances in technology, or the need to replace a space, structure or system that has reached the end of its useful life or is the result of deferred maintenance. Projects usually require one or more of the following; extensive planning, professional services (architectural, engineering, etc.), permitting and inspection. Reference Capital Planning Program and Procedures and Space Utilization Policy.

  • Funding: Individually funded projects (University reserves, gifts, grants, capital appropriations, Key 93, etc.)
  • Department Contact: Lyle Sansoucie, Manager of Facilities Projects and Quality
  • Project Request: Facilities Project and Space Utilization Request Form
    • Examples of Requests: construction or installation of structures (includes small sheds or art structures), removal of walls and doors, installation of new walls and doors, change configuration of walls and doors, request to use occupied or unoccupied space on University property (inside and outside), installation of large academic equipment requiring utilities or that could compromise the structure, etc.


The Facilities Department regulates and/or complies with the following standards (list is not inclusive.)

PASSHE Facilities Manual
PASSHE Procurement Manual
APPA Maintenance and Custodial Standards
International Building Code
National Fire Protection Association
Construction Standards
Construction and Procurement Manual
Edinboro Signage and Branding Policy
Capital Planning Program and Procedures
Space Utilization Policy
Security and Access to Campus Buildings and Facilities Policy
Inventory Policy


The mail processing center and storeroom are where the deliveries to the University are sorted and organized upon delivery.

Main Mailroom

Reminder: All faculty and staff will continue to drop off and pick up mail from Lawrence Towers mailroom.

The Mail Processing Center and student mailrooms are located in Lawrence Towers at 150 Perry Lane and are open from 10:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Ms. Juanita Cole, the Mail Clerk, can be contacted at jcole@pennwest.edu or (814) 732-2483.

Student Mailing Address:

Student Name
Room #
150 Perry Lane
Edinboro PA 16444

Mail for incoming students can be sent to campus up to two weeks before the start of school in the fall.

Students are reminded to check their mailbox prior to leaving at the end of the semester.
Bulk Mailing

When sending out a bulk mailing, please fill out the Mailing Service Request Form at least two weeks prior. The Mailroom needs to be notified prior to all bulk mailings in order to ensure sufficient funds in the account and to verify department charge back information. If you are not certain of the actual cost of the mailing, please include an estimated cost and note on the form that it is estimated. When complete, please email the form to Juanita Cole at jcole@pennwest.edu. If you have questions, please call the mailroom at (814) 732-2483.


The Storeroom is located at 115 Perry Lane and is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Ms. Cindy Hull, the Stock Clerk, can be contacted at chull@pennwest.edu or (814) 732-2470.

Emergency & After-Hours Services

In case of an emergency, or to request urgent assistance after hours and on weekends, please contact the Campus Police at (814) 732-2921. You may leave non-emergency voicemail intended for the Facilities staff by calling (814) 732-2826.


Contact Us

Facilities Office
150 Perry Lane
Edinboro, PA 16444
Phone: 814-732-2826
Fax: 814-732-2241