On-Campus Housing Fire Statistics - Edinboro University
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          On-Campus Housing Fire Statistics

          The Fire Logs for Edinboro University are listed here and detail various incidents during which a fire occurred on campus.

          On August 14, 2008, President George W. Bush signed into law the Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know Act. This law requires colleges/universities to provide students and their families with residence hall fire safety information and fire statistics. The University publishes an Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, which contains this fire safety and crime prevention information.  The on-campus student housing fire statistics are found below.

          The Fire Logs are a documentation of fires that have occurred on Edinboro University’s campus. Incidents are recorded in the Fire Log and published for the public. If you have any questions regarding the Fire Logs, contact the Office of Safety and Risk Management at (814) 732-2709.

          Fire Logs

          2018 Log

          2017 Log

          2016 Log

          2015 Log

          2014 Log

          2013 Log 

          2012 Log 

          2011 Log 

          2010 Log