EU Shield Notification System


The EU Shield emergency notification system is the centerpiece for emergency communications to the Edinboro University community. It is used to quickly notify students, faculty, staff, family and friends of emergencies on or near campus.

The following emergency alert system components are available for emergency notification and collectively make up EU Shield:

In the event of an emergency on or near campus, the EU Shield system will be utilized to transmit emergency notifications via the components listed above. In the event of a tornado warning, a tornado siren will be transmitted across campus in conjunction with the EU Shield components.

To sign up for EU Shield, register at the myEdinboro launchpad by selecting the EU Shield Emergency Notification System logo.

Students are automatically enrolled into the emergency notification system to receive emergency text messages and emails. It is strongly recommended that all employees register. This service is completely voluntary. You may opt out at any time. You are responsible for messaging charges imposed by your service provider. Your information is not shared with or sold to third parties.

EU Shield also has a voice service available so that alerts can be received as speech messages. To request speech message alerts, contact the Office for Accessibility Services (OAS) at 814-732-2462.

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