College-Level Examination Program


Students at PennWest Edinboro are eligible to take a series of examinations in order to earn credits for material and content that they already know.

CLEP is a series of examinations in college subjects that allow you to earn college credits for what you already know, of how the knowledge was acquired — be it advanced coursework, independent study, work regardless experience, professional development or extracurricular activities. The exams are approximately 90 minutes long and are administered on a computer. Students receive instant score reports following completion of the exam.

Online payment of your PennWest Edinboro CLEP registration fee.

The total cost for one exam is $124 ($89 payable to CLEP and $35 payable to EDINBORO UNIVERSITY.)**

** Please note that the following exams contain an essay component that will require an additional $10 fee paid to PennWest Edinboro per essay and will require between 60 and 90 additional minutes to complete. Not all institutions require this component so please check with your institution to determine if the essay is necessary in order for you to receive the credits.

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
English Literature
American Literature

For more information regarding PennWest Edinboro’s CLEP registration procedures, exams we offer and their course equivalencies, or to register for an exam, please click on the links below. For more information about the content and format of CLEP exams, please visit


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