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Every person has the right to be heard, and PennWest Edinboro takes grievances and complaints very seriously.

PennWest Edinboro has adopted and published complaint procedures outlining the complaint, investigation, and disciplinary processes for addressing various forms of discrimination, harassment, and violence occurring within educational programs.

PennWest Edinboro will be prompt and equitable when investigating a complaint of discrimination, harassment, or violence. We will do our due diligence to remedy any hostile educational environment created by such behaviors. Most investigations will take no more than 60 calendar days. More complex cases may take a little longer.

The University strives to ensure that the learning environment for all students, faculty and staff is safe. To that end, we have a complaint process in place that will allow you to be heard by the appropriate administrators. If you have any questions about the complaint processes, please contact the Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion or the Office of Student Affairs.

If a complainant or a respondent desires, s/he may be accompanied to the Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion or the Office of Human Resources and Faculty Relations by another University employee or another University student who may advise and assist the complainant throughout the informal or formal resolution process. The advisor must be an individual from within the University community and not the legal representative of either party. A complainant or respondent and an advisor may consult with each other, but the advisor does not speak for or on behalf of the complainant or respondent.

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