Now that you are in college, it is time to learn how to budget your finances wisely. Keep in mind you will need to budget for both the long term: student loans, car loans, your future; and the short term: rent, books and daily activities. Below are some helpful tools to get you started.

Budgets help you today and tomorrow. Learn the keys to creating a lasting budget when you're in or out of school.

Useful Resources:

Money Management Checklist for College Students
How to start thinking about budgeting

Simple Budget Worksheet

Easy-to-follow budget worksheet for beginners

Budgeting for College Students
Nerd Wallet article with helpful information

How to Survive on a Student Budget
FastWeb article on how to budget as a college student

15 Financial Tips for College Students
Consumer Credit article with helpful information

10 Financial Tips for College Students
Debt.org article with more helpful links

Budget Calculator
Personal finance budget calculator

Take-Home Pay Calculator
Estimate your actual take-home pay after taxes and deductions

Budgeting Apps:



Pocket Guard



Pro Tip:

Pinterest is Your Friend

Looking for fun, create ways to budget? Check out Pinterest and search "budgeting." You will find hundreds of different ways to budget the lifestyle you want.

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