A variety of government and private loan options are available to pay for tuition and other expenses not covered by grants or scholarships.

Loans need to be repaid, plus interest, so it's important to consider your options and select your lender carefully. Students are strongly encouraged to use federal student loan program funds before seeking alternative/private sources because federal loans are typically less expensive. Learn more about the difference between federal and private loans.

Undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits in order to receive federal student aid. Graduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits in order to qualify for federal student aid.

Federal Direct Stafford Loans

These low-interest loans, funded by the federal government, are either subsidized or unsubsidized. Subsidized loans are awarded based on financial need, and the government pays the interest while a student is enrolled in college. Unsubsidized loans are awarded regardless of need but interest, which isn't covered by the government, accrues from the time of loan disbursement. Neither loan requires repayment during the time a student is enrolled in college.

Federal Direct PLUS Loan

PLUS loans are federal loans that parents of dependent undergraduates, as well as graduate students, can use to help pay education expenses.

Alternative Loans

Alternative loans are student and parent loans borrowed through a bank or credit union.

Federal Direct Perkins Loan

Under federal law, the authority for schools to make new Perkins Loans ended Sept. 30, 2017. The final disbursements occurred in spring 2018.

Additional Loan Information

National Student Loan Database System

A comprehensive list available to students who borrow Title IV funds, which lists the funds and how much the student borrowed. Please note, this does not include private student loans.

Teacher Loan Forgiveness Information

Some students in the teaching profession may qualify for a portion or all of their student loan debt to be canceled based on certain conditions.

Loan Repayment Information

Consumer Information

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