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Friends of the Baron-Forness Library are committed to advancing the library and student scholarship resources at PennWest Edinboro and in surrounding communities.

Mission Statement

The Friends of the Library support the Baron-Forness Library through fundraising activities. The Friends promote the use and support of library resources and services by area residents. We provide a forum for individuals to share their scholarly interests through programs that promote the Baron-Forness Library as a center of cultural and educational activities. We strive to obtain materials that will enhance the resources of the Baron-Forness Library.

Who We Are and What We Do

The Friends consist of current and retired faculty and staff, alumni, students, corporate sponsors, and community members who advocate for excellence in the Baron-Forness Library's collections and promote its cultural and intellectual presence in the Edinboro community. The organization is founded on a common commitment to learning and an interest in books and scholarly materials. The commitment, work and generosity of its members and friends helps to maintain - and grow - an invaluable regional resource.

The Friends of the Baron-Forness Library was reorganized in 2001. Since then the group has raised thousands of dollars for the improvement of library resources and services. Some notable achievements include:

Benefits of membership

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Recent news:

Friends of the Baron-Forness Library Research Grant Awardees

Graduate Awards

Alyssa Rhone
"Analysis of Parent-Child Interactions and Media Utilizing the LENA"
Project advisor: Dr. Jane Puhlman, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Autumn Richards
"Meeting the Needs of Students and Teachers at Erie Children's Museum"
Project advisor: Dr. Karen Lindeman, Early Childhood

Undergraduate Awards

Ashley Taylor and Kendra Taylor
"Mock Jurors' Perceptions of Bias in Forensic Testing"
Project advisor: Dr. Ronald Craig, Psychology

Deandra Mosura
"The Effects of Sexual Conditioning on the Development of Sexual Behaviors in Male Rats"
Project advisor: Dr. Wayne Hawley, Psychology

Emma Morgan
"Extraction and Separation of Active Plant Compounds from the Common Foxglove, Digitalis purpurea"
Project advisor: Dr. Matthew Foradori, Biology and Health Services

Michael Anthony
"Surveying the Gut Microbiota of Zootermopsis angusticollis"
Project advisor: Dr. Matthew Foradori, Biology and Health Services

Zachary Drake
"Determination of Heavy Metal Concentrations in Residential Water Supplies and Local Watersheds Using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy"
Project advisor: Dr. Qun Gu, Chemistry

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Phone: 814-732-2273
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