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          Refund Policies for Total Withdrawal

          The Student Accounts Office processes tuition refunds for withdrawals from the University in accordance with University and Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Policies.

          During the regular Fall and Spring semesters, if students choose to withdraw from the University during the first five weeks of the semester, there will be a refund of tuition, room and meals (if applicable) and some fees. The refund percentage used in the calculation is based on the date of withdrawal entered by the student in the S.C.O.T.S. system in accordance with PA Board of Governor's Policy 1983-19-A. Refunds for students that withdraw from special start and end date terms will be calculated according to the Tuition Refund and Account Adjustment Schedule Special Start and End Date Classes.*

          Please refer to our Billing Information for more.

          Students who reduce their credit hour load to part-time after the 100% refund shall not be eligible for a refund or account adjustment of amounts that exceed the part-time rate. After the drop period, refunds for tuition and fees shall be made only for full semester withdrawal.