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For the convenience of our students and their families, the Student Accounts Office provides a number of methods for paying your tuition bill. Students and parents can also receive and pay their tuition bills electronically through Edinboro University’s eBill system.

Your eBill

eBill sends automatic email notifications when new bills are issued or financial aid awards are applied to a student’s account, and parents or other designees can be given access to view bills and make payments. Payments can be made by credit card or webCheck, which withdraws money from a checking or savings account. When making payments via credit card through our servicer, PayPath, there will be a 2.85% convenience fee.

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How to Use eBill:

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eBill FAQs

An email notification will be sent to your school-assigned email address and to any authorized users when a new eBill is available online. The email notification will include some information about your billing statement and a link back to your secure log-in page. No sensitive student information will be in the email notification.

Yes. Our eBill application allows you to add an alternate email address, either your own or your parent’s, for receiving email notifications. Go to the Authorized User tab on the eBill website to add the address. Your alternate account will not replace your school-assigned account; you will receive email notifications to both accounts.

Yes. EU’s eBill system will store up to 36 bills for your reference. You can also view all transactions on your student account, regardless of how it was paid, through eBill by clicking on the Payments tab.

You may pay your statement online using a credit card or webCheck. To pay with a credit card, you will be required to enter the card number and expiration date and agree to fees charged by the credit card processor, PayPath, Inc. To pay with a webCheck, you will be required to enter your ABA routing number and account number (listed along the bottom of your check). You may use either a checking or savings account.

You may also store frequently used payment methods by assigning the payment account nickname. For example, you may store your checking account as “Primary Checking.” Choosing to store your payment methods will eliminate the need for you to re-enter your payment account information each time you wish to make a payment.

Payments made through our eBill system will update your student account immediately. You will receive a payment confirmation via email.

Yes. You may authorize a third-party user, such as a parent or guardian, to access your account by clicking on the authorized user tab within the eBill system. You will be required to enter the email address of the individual and configure the access rights the user will have. Once you have completed the enrollment process, your authorized user will receive an email notification with a randomly generated password, as well as log-in information for accessing your statement. Only authorized users will have access to your student bill. You may revoke an authorized user’s access rights at any time.

Other Payment Options

Our monthly payment plan is designed to help students and their families budget the cost of tuition and fees by spreading payments over the course of the semester.

During all semesters, the monthly payment is equal to one-quarter of the total charges for the semester, minus any financial aid. A payment plan fee of $40 per semester will be added to the first month’s charges. The $40 per semester payment plan fee will be automatically waived if you opt to have your monthly payments automatically deducted from your saved account on the due date.

The first payment is due on the billing due date before classes begin and the next three are due approximately every 30 days. A late fee of $15 will be incurred each month for late payments and will result in a delinquent hold on the student’s account.

Once registered for the payment plan, installment reminders will be sent to the student’s email and to authorized users monthly; no paper statements will be generated. Students who do not pay their bill in full or have proof of financial aid will be automatically placed on financial hold and charged a $100.00 per semester late fine.

Register for the Payment Plan Online:

Visit the myEdinboro Portal, click on eBill and then click the Payment Plan tab at the top. Click “Enroll Now.”


Payments are accepted through the mail using a check or money order made payable to Edinboro University. Do not mail cash. Please return the bottom portion of your bill along with your payment to:

Edinboro University
Student Accounts Office
Hamilton Hall
210 Glasgow Road
Edinboro, PA 16444

Payments can be made in person at the Student Accounts Office in Hamilton Hall, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Acceptable forms of in-person payment include debit cards (Visa or Mastercard), cash (U.S. currency only), and check or money order. Payments using debit cards and cash are only accepted in person.

Tuition Reimbursement Process Spring 2022 Only

Students who are working while enrolled at Edinboro University may have employer-paid education benefits and can defer a portion of their semester balance until 60 days from the end of the semester.

Students can request a deferment by completing the Employer Reimbursement Agreement.

Once the completed form is received, the student will receive an email from the Student Accounts Office at their student address ( with instructions to log into e-bill and make their 20% down payment. Failure to pay the 20% down payment will nullify this agreement and the account balance will become payable by the due date. The completed form and down payment must be received by February 18, 2022 to avoid a $100 late payment fine and financial hold.

After our billing system is upgraded, we will notify you that it is time to enroll in the Tuition Reimbursement Deferral Plan. During the payment plan enrollment process, the student will be required to authorize automatic payment of any unpaid balance due on the 60th day after the end of the term of this agreement.

Reminder: a new tuition reimbursement agreement must be completed each semester.


Edinboro University accepts Flywire as the online payment tool. Flywire uses the currency from your home country and converts to U.S. dollars. Payment methods included in Flywire are: bank transfer, credit cards, and e-payments (Alipay/PayPal).

You can pay using Flywire here.

Billing Information

All students are required to accept the Edinboro University Billing Terms and Conditions Agreement on their MyEdinboro portal prior to registering for classes each semester. The agreement informs students of the financial responsibilities associated with enrolling for classes and the potential consequences for failing to meet those obligations.

Click on the term below to access billing information relative to that term.

Special note: To comply with changes in federal grant and loan guidelines, Edinboro University policy regarding the threshold for placing financial holds on student accounts has changed. Read a message from the Student Accounts Office regarding these changes here.


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