Eligibility and Expectations


The Noyce award provides new and unique opportunities for Scholars, such as a yearlong capstone experience in a high-need school district, practice of culturally responsive strategies, behavior modification and innovative teaching strategies, urban and rural education experiences, and early employment training through student employment options. Before applying for the ENTS scholarship/stipend, please review the expectations of the ENTS program.

Candidacy requirements:

Stages of Completion:

Stage 1: Complete early course work; include virtual and on-site observations; focus on ELL and Special Education.

Stage 2: Engage in content-specific experiences available to STEM Majors for all PennWest Edinboro teacher preparation programs to complete during the years they receive funding.

Stages 3 and 4: The ENTS program will combine these two stages into a yearlong capstone experience in a classroom within a high-need school. Stage 3 is a 14-week classroom experience before Scholars do their student teaching. During this stage, Scholars will take their field-block courses (12 credits) in the first half of the semester and then will participate fully in the instructional activities of their content-specific classroom for the other half of the semester under the supervision of a cooperating educator and a PennWest Edinboro supervisor. Stage 4 is a 14-week student teaching experience in which Scholars will become solely responsible for the instructional activities of a content-specific classroom. Scholars will complete stages 3 and 4 in the same setting to provide more depth and preparation within the culture of a high-need school.


In addition to the stages above, undergraduate scholars will be expected to participate in the Philadelphia Urban Experience and the Lake Erie Region Experience. All scholars are expected to complete the following:

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