EU Shield


EU Shield is the mass-communication program that PennWest Edinboro uses to communicate with students, faculty, staff, family and friends in case of emergencies.

To communicate quickly with students, faculty, staff and families in the event of an emergency, Edinboro uses a system called EU Shield to send notifications. The centerpiece of this system is a mobile web application called the EU Shield safety app. With the widespread use of smartphones, this method of communication can increase safety on the PennWest Edinboro campus.

The EU Shield app provides an emergency button and fingertip access to emergency procedures and other features. The app is free and available to all at Google Play and the Apple App Store. Its use is strongly recommended.

The EU Shield system also enables the University to send important campus information to you via text messages and emails, alerts on the University website, and posts to Facebook and Twitter.

Students are enrolled automatically to receive text and email alerts to ensure they are informed of emergencies. Employees are welcome to sign up for text and email alerts but must do so themselves using the EU Shield button on the myEdinboro launchpad.

The text service is completely voluntary. You may opt out at any time. You are responsible for messaging charges by your service provider. Your information is not shared with or sold to third parties.

EU Shield has a voice service available so that alerts can be received as speech messages, as well. To request speech message alerts, contact the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at 814-732-2462.

Contact Us

University Police
911 Scotland Road
Edinboro, PA 16444
Phone: 814-732-2921

For Emergencies: 814-732-2911

Eric Kraus
Assistant Chief