Winter Weather Information


During inclement weather events – including extreme cold, wind chill, ice and snow – Edinboro safety personnel continuously monitor local conditions, National Weather Service precipitation and temperature forecasts, and local and regional weather advisories.

If it snows

PennWest Edinboro will remain open, classes will be held and services will be provided during periods of severe winter weather.

Only on those rare occasions when it is impossible to reasonably accommodate students and others because of weather-related conditions on campus will consideration be given to adjusting class schedules and/or employee work shifts or authorizing a part-day or full-day closing.

If schedules are changed

Announcements will be made ONLY if the University's regular operation is disrupted. Announcements will NOT be made saying the University is open.

Changes before 8 a.m.

Changes during the day

Changes in evening classes/work shifts

If classes are delayed

If a decision is made to delay classes, the class schedule will begin at:

Please avoid driving on campus during periods of closure and delay to facilitate clearing of roadways and parking lots.

With individuals coming to campus from all directions, subject to a wide range of weather and road conditions, faculty and supervisors are expected to make reasonable allowances for students and employees who are delayed due to adverse weather conditions.

How to stay informed

All changes to the University's operating schedule will be broadcast via the EU Shield emergency notification system, recorded on the University telephone hotline (814-732-BORO) and posted on the University’s home page (  Notifications will also be sent to local media.

You can register to receive text alerts through the EU Shield notification system by visiting


There are numerous actions the University may take in response to inclement weather events. Please be advised of the following distinctions:

Classes delayed

Please Note: When classes are delayed (or all operations are delayed), follow the regular class schedule after the delay has ended. Classes that occurred during the delay period will not be made up. For classes that extend through multiple periods (e.g. class runs from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.), faculty and students should report for the remaining segment of the class period.

Classes canceled

University operations delayed

University operations canceled


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