Current vacancies and application procedures are posted on the PennWest Edinboro website. Some positions are advertised on campus as an "internal posting only." If this is the case, then it is an opportunity open only to current University employees, and it will not be posted on the public site. To view current vacancies, go to the Current Openings page.

If you have applied for a position, log on to the Current Openings page. After the application deadline you will see notations on the site indicating the progress of the respective search.

The University uses a committee-driven search process to fill vacancies. Once the application deadline has passed, the qualified applications are forwarded to the Search Committee chair for evaluation by the committee. The Committee will use a pre-approved rating instrument that is based on the qualifications for the position to score the applications. Applicants who receive the highest comprehensive score are invited to the University for an interview. Applicant interview scores are ranked and a recommendation to hire is forwarded to a pre-appointed Hiring Administrator. The Hiring Administrator will contact Human Resources with his/her recommendation. If you are a successful candidate, you'll receive a phone call from Human Resources to confirm your continued interest in the position and a proposed start date. The official offer of employment will be sent from the President of the University. Candidates not chosen for employment will receive a letter from Human Resources notifying them that the search is complete.

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