Student Employment


The University offers part-time employment to degree-seeking students enrolled half-time or greater. Students seeking employment must be in good academic standing with at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Student employment opportunities are limited to students seeking their first undergraduate degree.


Student employment opportunities are offered through three programs: Federal Work-Study, Institutional Work-Study and Graduate Assistantships. To receive a job opportunity, students must actively engage in acquiring employment. Graduate Assistantships (GA) are awarded by the School of Graduate Studies and Research.

To view all available work-study jobs, students must log into the myEdinboro portal and choose the "Student Employment" icon in the Student Applications area. Students are encouraged to check this site often; jobs are posted when they become available.

Students may have more than one work-study job on campus; however, students are limited to working 15 hours per week between all jobs and may not work more than 7.5 hours in a day. The rate of pay is no less than the current minimum wage.

Students who decline student employment with the Financial Aid Office are not able to gain employment until the next academic year. All awards are final.

Students who are receiving a dependent tuition waiver are permitted to work on campus; however, students cannot work in the same division as a family member, regardless of supervisory role.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 814-732-3500, or HRConnect at 717-720-4040.

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