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The Office of Records and Registration works to ensure that scheduling of courses is handled in a fair and convenient manner for all students, and it is here to help with any issues or questions.


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Registration for these courses can be accomplished only after an approved application has been completed and filed with the Office of Records and Registration. Once the completed and signed application is received by the student, he/she must schedule the course with the Office of Records and Registration and make financial arrangements for payment of the appropriate fees prior to the proposed starting date of the course or internship. Application and registration can only be completed by visiting the Office of Records and Registration in Hamilton Hall. It is not available through S.C.O.T.S.

Certain courses or sections of courses are indicated as being only for students intending to complete a major program. If a student is registered for such a course or section of a course but is not enrolled in the appropriate major, he/she may be required to drop that section. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure he/she is qualified to enroll in such a course. A student who is required to drop a section of a course cannot be given a guarantee of enrollment in another section of the same course.

The "Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory" grading option will be open to any undergraduate student who, at the start of the semester, is in good academic standing AND has more than thirty-one (31) earned semester hours. Students wishing to exercise the "Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory" grading option must do so during the "ADD" period of registration. Completed Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory forms, with all signatures, must be returned to the Office of Records and Registration no later than the last day to add. After opting for a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade, a student may not then elect to receive a letter grade in that course. For graduate students, the "S/U" grade may be used only in courses PSYC 744 Graduate Study in Psychology-Unit V (Internship) and ART 700 Seminar in Fine Arts. Students should contact the Office of Records and Registration and read the instructions and rules in the University Catalogs.

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