Auditing Courses


Auditing involves participation in a course without earning credits.

An audited course will not be counted as part of the student's academic load and no credit will be received. Audited courses will be recorded on student transcripts as "AU."

Undergraduate students may audit undergraduate courses, and graduate students may audit both undergraduate or graduate courses. Students must have the approval of their advisors and the instructors of the courses to be audited, and students scheduling for audits will be given lowest priority for seat availability.

After the expiration of the "add" period, students may not change audit status to credit or credit to audit. Petitions for credit by competency examinations will not be honored for courses audited by students.

Students age 62 or older will receive full tuition and fee waiver for courses taken for audit only. The tuition and fee waiver does not apply to courses taken for college credit. Sundry charges, as defined in the catalog, will apply as appropriate. Students must work directly with the Registrar and are scheduled for classes one week prior to the start of the semester/term based upon seat availability.

Please note that undergraduate special students (non-degree seeking) are permitted to remain in attendance for no longer than the equivalent of one academic year, or 30 semester hours of credit if attending part-time. Graduate special students are permitted a maximum of 9 semester hours of credit.

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