Graduate Student Scheduling


Below is important information for graduate students to successfully schedule courses for the upcoming term.

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Scheduling dates

All active students have time tickets assigned for both summer and fall terms. Students are able to see their scheduling time ticket through their Student Profile via my.PennWest, by clicking Registration and then Prepare for Registration in Student Self-Service.

Scheduling begins at 8 am on the dates below based on your class standing.  Summer semester courses begin as early as May 9. The Fall semester begins on August 22.

Summer Scheduling

April 4 – Graduate students and students with Priority*
April 6 – Senior standing (90 + earned hours)
April 8 – Junior standing (60-89 earned hours)
April 11 – Sophomore standing (30-59 earned hours)
April 13 – Freshman (0-29 earned hours)

Fall Scheduling

April 4 – Students with Priority*
April 6 – Senior standing (90 + earned hours)
April 8 – Junior standing (60-89 earned hours)
April 11 – Sophomore standing (30-59 earned hours)
April 11 – Graduate students
April 13 – Freshman (0-29 earned hours)

*Priority scheduling
Not all groups that received priority scheduling in the past will continue to have priority scheduling in Penn West.

Please check your “Prepare for Registration” link in the Registration section to determine your Time Ticket registration window.

Schedule Searching

There have been a number of changes to the method that students will use to locate courses in the class schedule.  The schedule can be accessed through my.PennWest.  Click on Student Self-Service, Student Profile, Registration and then “Browse Class Schedule” to begin. 

Browse Classes

All searches should begin with selecting your home campus.  For online courses only, select the Online campus.

Subject prefixes for all courses have a leading A – California, C – Clarion or E – Edinboro to help students identify the location.  Additionally, each subject has a trailing – CAL, CLA or EDI to ensure that students are selecting the appropriate version of the subject.

Browse Classes 2

Section numbers appearing after the course number also represent the location of the course.   

Students who are wishing to register for a course at another campus may require a permit override from the department to be able to register for the course.  Some courses have space restrictions based on campuses.  Permit overrides for restricted courses may be requested to the department offering the course.

Degree Works Audit

Students should continue to use their Degree Works Audit found in myEdinboro until the migrated version of Degree Works is available after the spring term.

Wait List

Need to add a course to the wait list, or register a wait listed course? The following instructions are specific to Cal U and VIP, however, the functionality is the same in PennWest:

Please remember that once you have received a wait list email notification you will have 48 hours to register yourself for the course.  If you do not, then you will be dropped from the wait list.

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