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          Welcome to the Edinboro Family!


          Dear New Colleague:

          Welcome to Edinboro University! I am happy that you are joining us and look forward to your contributions to our students’ success and the vitality of our University.

          Edinboro is a welcoming academic community with strong traditions and a wonderful history of service to the people and economy of this region. Since 1857, Edinboro has offered exceptional opportunities to its students, thanks in large measure to outstanding faculty and staff members. I am pleased to welcome you to our great institution, where we strive to provide an environment fostering mutual respect and direct engagement with our students.

          There is no more important work that we can do than to equip our students to excel in their fields and to ensure that they complete their degree programs on time. That is our commitment, and your contributions as mentors, advisors, scholars and active participants in the life of the campus community are central to fulfilling it.

          Because of your efforts to engage, challenge and support our students, they – and Edinboro University – will flourish. Highly-engaged, student-focused faculty and staff define the success of an institution. I look forward to seeing you on campus and getting to know you, and I wish you every success in your career here at Edinboro as we help create bright futures for our students.


          Guiyou Huang, Ph.D.

          • Edinboro University Provost
            • To our newest faculty members:

              The faculty is the heart of the University, and I think you will find yourself in excellent company. I will be starting my 33rd year at Edinboro and have loved my time here. I hope that you will also find Edinboro to be a place where you can grow professionally and enjoy the rewards that come from sharing in the learning and discovery experienced by our students. I think you will find supportive colleagues, students who want to learn, and staff who truly care about Edinboro.

              With the commitment of faculty and staff, Edinboro is making strides to maintain high academic standards, strengthen teaching and learning, stimulate creativity and discovery, and respond to the current and emerging needs of our region. Creating engaging learning opportunities for our students is critically important as we strive to develop knowledgeable and effective critical thinkers who will become productive world citizens.

              As you become familiar with the campus, its students, and your colleagues, I know that you will affirm that you made the right choice in coming to Edinboro. We are excited to have you join us and I am confident that your contributions to the lives of our students, your discipline, and the University will be characterized by excellence.


              Michael J. Hannan, Ph.D.
              Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

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